Chalk Couture Laundry Room Deco

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It always amazes me how easy Chalk Couture is, to make incredible pieces of art work. The artwork always come out beautiful and amazing.

This piece will be donate to a local preschool that helps out low income families and their kids. I decide to do a Laundry Room sign, because who doesn’t want to source up that room.

Everything I used is Chalk Couture (board, chalk past, transfers). The board is no longer available due to be discounted. I used Bright White Paste, Candy Apple Red, and Bumble Bee Yellow chalk paste.

The trick in using the paste is it has to be the consistency of yogurt. When I open up the Bright White, it was dry. So sad about that but you know what? you can fix it. You can add distilled water till it comes back to life. Yes!

Before apply the transfer, you need to defuzz it. Chalk Couture does have a “defuzzing cloth” for sale and it’s well worth the price. After defuzzing it you place it on your surface. From there you pick your colors and remember to use a little bit at a time. You will apply it and then use small squeegee to get off the excess.

For the floors on the side I mixed the red and yellow paste. Yes we do sell “orange” paste but I didn’t have it on hand. So I over came and mixed my own. I put the colors where I wanted then used a baby wipe to mix it up. Came out looking like FIRE!

If you look at my photo, I have flowers on both sides. Guess what happened? I messed up the left side. The best thing about using Chalk Paste is, it’s easy to remove. And that is just what I did.

What do you think of the finished piece? I love it and it will be hard to give away. But I will. Join me next time for another great piece of home deco.

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